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MAKE A DIFFERENCE in people's lives and ENRICH your professional life!

Are you looking for an opportunity that lets you develop a career and not just gives you a job...

Are you interested in the why of what people do and how they behave?

Are you passionate about improving poeple's quality of life through Behaviour change?

Then becoming a Behaviour Support Practitioner or even a Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner at Real Therapy Solutions might be just what you need!


A word from Amanda...

Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m the Owner and Principal Psychologist of Real Therapy Solutions. 

I started out over 20 years ago in the clinical field and have been fortunate enough to have been mentored and guided by a variety of amazing Psychologists, Clinicians and Managers over that time. Over the past 5 years I have focussed on developing therapy clinics that provide the best supports and services to our clients but also to our team that work in these clinics. Our purpose at Real Therapy Solutions is to Empower Others to live their best lives through Education, Therapy and Support. For me this extends beyond client care to nurturing, supporting and motivating all our team to live their best life.

Seeing the people that come to our clinics overcoming challenges, and making positive life changes gets me leaping out of bed in the mornings and off to work (well especially if there is a coffee involved!) and so does the fact that we can help create and provide life changing and very real opportunities for great therapists to become exceptional therapists, or perhaps brilliant managers, or amazing researchers. 

Our ENRICHMENT PROGRAM provides these opportunities for all our team – each team member is able to develop at their own pace – no pressure and all the support they need. It means that our clinics become an amazing hub of energy, positivity and support not only for our team but our clients too. I love seeing our ENRICHMENT PROGRAM evolve as we take on the feedback from therapist past and present and see therapists develop and grow into succesful clinicians, Managers and Leaders. Part of our oganisation values are about creating opportunities for others - this means staff as well as clients at Real Therapy Solutions are given teh opportunity to achieve outcomes

The best part of my job though is sourcing experts to run training for our team, running one on one mentoring programs with our team who want to develop skills in leadership and management and seeing team members progress through stages and smash through their own goals both professional and personal ( I guess that’s the reason I became a psychologist to begin with – back to seeing people live their best lives). 

I don’t know of any therapy organisation that offers such a flexible and guided career program like ours. So if your interested in progressing your career or the opportunity to develop specialist skills rather than just having a job then I invite you to learn more about our ENRICHMENT Program .

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Step UP to where you want to be

As part of our Real Therapy Solutions team, your professional and personal goals are important to us. If your happy then we are happy and so are our clients. As a Behaviour Support Practitioner in one of our multidisciplinary clinics you will be supported by our Management Team, other therapists to conduct functional behavioral assessments and develop written Behaviour Support plans for individuals. We recieve a variety of referrals for Behaviour Support providing a varied caseload to work with children and adults with different presentations and support needs.

Clinic Manager positions are a great way to mix your skills in both clinical and Management and policy development areas. 

 Some of the opportunities we offer include:

  •  Fortnightly supervision with our Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner/ Management team. 
  • Attendance at training courses run by leading experts in fields related to your role. 
  • Ongoing coaching to achieve your professional goals with our coaches and so much more…

Our ENRICHMENT PROGRAM gives you choice to specialise and develop skills in a variety of areas related to leadership, policy development, Mentoring, Recruitment, Marketing and much more. Its the perfect mix of clinical and Management!

Our ENRICHMENT team have the opportunity to practice and develop their skills within our own team at Real Therapy Solutions and with 3 clinics and 5 more in development we have plenty of opportunities for promotion into your chosen area!!

If you have a passion you want to develop then talk to us and see if we can help. Its that easy!  


It’s important to us that you have the opportunity to interview us, after all its your life, your career – it should be you interviewing us to be part of your life as much as it is us interviewing you. 

 Working on our team does not suit everyone. Our circle of influence (that is the team at Real Therapy Solutions) are just as important as the ENRICHMENT PROGRAM in ensuring we are successful and achieving goals but also having fun whilst we do it. 

We are looking for people who: 

  •  Have a vision for their future – even if its blurry you must be able to see there is more opportunity for you ahead. 
  •  Believe life is what you make it – you don’t have to be happy and full of positive quotes all day, everyday, however the ability to recognise the positives is a MUST for people on our team. 
  •  Achieving your professional goals must be important to you but its even more important that you have personal goals and a life outside of work.  
  •  Our Clinic Managers need to have a background and experience in a related clinic area (Speech, OT, Psychology, Behaviour Support, Social Work) .  

About our Team

Our team are a fun group of people from a variety of backgrounds…some young some more mature (yes older), we love to have a laugh… yes even at the boss. 

Meme Friday is always a great chance to share fun meme’s and videos on our intranet – usually with a focus on motivating the team or just having a laugh – (Thanks Zac for introducing this one). 

Welcome lunches for new staff, quarterly training days and annual conferences are always a great opportunity to get the bigger team across all our clinics together for a chat. Sometimes balloon animals are featured (you’ll have to ask about that one at your interview).

 You will get to try carrot cakes, home made chocolates and give your ideas on what software package we should adapt across the organisation or exactly where the Christmas party should be this year (some things are more important that others!) 

Seriously though, we get lots of work done because our team know how to work smart not harder and we are motivated by the great work we do and the general supportive team atmosphere. 

If you asked our team what they like most about being at Real Therapy Solutions most will tell you it’s the team we work with and how supportive we are. But why not see for yourself – come for a no obligation visit to meet us or read below what some of our team have to say about being part of Real Therapy solutions.

Here's what some of our ENRICHMENT team say about working at Real Therapy Solutions:

"I have had (and am having) an incredible experience working for Real Therapy Solutions as a provisional psychologist/behaviour support practitioner. From the moment I arrived, I was warmly welcomed into the team, supported in learning the ropes and have felt like a trusted and valued team member. Though we’re in all different fields, there is a genuine sense that we’re all working towards the same goal. Every member of the team has a role to play, and has a voice that is actually heard – with a line manager that is responsive to the needs and reflections of the team, and will actively make changes to better both the experience of our clients, and the staff members themselves. Everyone has always been so welcoming and friendly – and genuinely care for you as a person (not just for your work-role in the team!) It’s truly a very special workplace when you inform your fiancé that your colleagues “must” be invited to your wedding – and even more, when you are excited to return back to work after a holiday!

Emily - Behaviour Support Practitioner

"Having worked in a number of settings and workplaces over the years I definitely noticed RTS was a special place on day 1. The team were so welcoming and willing to share knowledge and experience with other staff. I never felt like I had too many questions and everyone helped me settle in while I learned the ropes. The working environment is very flexible and really supportive of work/life balance - it's so nice feeling like you don't have to sacrifice either element! I've had the opportunity to work with a variety of caseloads and select areas I'd like to specialise in. There is access to group training, supervision and professional development as well as attending joint sessions with other clinicians for upskilling. I've really enjoyed the team training days where the whole team gets together to learn about each other and how to work better as a whole. Amanda Wood is wonderful to work with and very committed to helping staff work towards their areas of interest. She cares a lot about the clients, the staff and the business and it really shows. Could not be happier that I made the move to RTS"

Lisa McBriarty - Manager Speech Pathology

"Not only am I gaining practical experience, meeting clients, and learning how to implement psychological strategies, but I am also being immersed in a supportive professional culture where I have the ability to liaise with speech pathologists and occupational therapists to provide multidisciplinary insights on each client. This has provided a rounded and challenging experience where, supported by the wonderful team, I have found my niche and a firm foundation on which to support a sturdy and expanding career in the psychological sciences and I attribute my new found confidence in my ability and knowledge to my experience at Real Therapy Solutions."

Zac - Provisional Psychologist

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the Real Therapy Solutions team! It is an incredibly supportive and encouraging team who openly share their experiences and knowledge and help each other out as much as possible. Being part of a multi-disciplinary team was such a great learning opportunity and I gained so much varied experience from the team and the range of clients in my time there that has formed a great foundation for my career. Great team and management, lots of opportunity for personal growth and development, very supportive workplace, variety of work and clients and so much exciting growth to come. I left recently and moved home to live closer to my family, but I am missing my old team and clients and wishing I could have brought them all with me! "

Alison Gosling - ex Behaviour Support Practitioner


When you start at Real Therapy Solutions you will be introduced to our company values - these are the principals that we live by in our clinics - with each other, clients others that we interact with. As a team we developed these to reflect what we are and whawe want to be.

 As a team, we support each other to embrace the values and to continue to grow the business, for our clients and for the local communities. These values of being Reliable, Effective Active and Life Changing are why we are called REAL Therapy Solutions.

Are you ready to take the next STEP?